I wear many hats:
 Sometimes an Engineer, other times a Writer, mostly a Professional Friend.

  Hobbies: I love functional programming, I love to write neat scala code, play with BASH scripts, read books, travel when my budget allows, drink tea and talk to strangers. 
A little on the nose here but i obviously enjoy writing down things in my head and amateur poetry (be kind).                                                                 
I also teach part-time.
Visit https://kodekampinitiative.com/ to see what we are up to.

Or if you are really feeling generous, you can find my amateur book of poetry titled Solitude on amazon.
Most importantly, stay. Read a thing or two. Share with your friends, your friend's friends and your friend's friend's friends. Leave me a comment when you feel compelled to or simply email me at amaliyu70@gmail.com. I am open to new friends and opportunities.

                                                                                    Asma'u Shaheedah


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