Thursday, February 4, 2016

Water, Sand, Mud

Writing has become extremely difficult. Mainly because this heart, is finding it increasingly hard to write from within. There is a yearning within for a place, a person or a thing. Writing for a while, was that thing, it was soul food. it is a stress. Writing must never be a forced act, a compulsion, it must stem from the places where the light does not touch. There is so much brightness around me and it is not the sun. The sounds are not music rather, screams and whimpers.

At the beginning of this year, i made peace with the fact that i would not be writing as much as i used to. The nature of my job does not leave too much room for personal expression. Also, i am having zero enthusiasm and motivation to write. This will be my last post for a while i think...or not. I am still not sure. I feel like this blog has had it's time and it is time to die out with grace. Yet, a part of me is still hoping things change and writing once more becomes my warm embrace. I do not know for a fact if i will not be back here but i will not leave you, reader . You can always find articles by me on or follow my dear friends blog , she is truly talented and she has a lot to say. With this, i bid you, reader Sayonara. I might see you tomorrow.

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