Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Aftermath of War

Head shot 
Bleeds the forehead of a nation 
Whose mother is plunging fingers 
Into her belly wrenching out 
The womb of disaster 
A nation cries tears 
Of remembrance for the days 
When the sun shone 
And when it rained 
The rainbow curved across the sky 
Casting Gods smile 
On green grass 
And the children's ribs 
Were not corn ridges 
A nation sings 
Choruses of songs that called 
To patriots and fed them 
Like bones to a dog 
Watched them bleed 
As the moon rose 
Casting shadows 
On the ghosts of our sons 
Head shot 
A nation looks down at its chest 
It is stained red 
The color of survival 
The color of redemption 
The color of a second chance 
A nation wraps its daughters 
In a garment of promise 
Uses its hands to support 
Broken boys 
The memories of war 
We lived to forget 
A second chance 
A nation 
is reborn again. 


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