Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Song Of The Birds

You with your calloused feet
You walk around here like you run shit
Haven't you heard
That the crown of men has been broken
That the birds have taken flight
And sung the songs of freedom
You with your calloused feet
You raise your chest high
Competing with the skies
Did you not see
The height of the birds
How they glide
Above man day and night
With pompous wings
And angry talons
Oh men, they sing
We have risen
From the dust of your land
To be crowned the kings of your skies
Men with calloused feet
Go home tonight
To your weeping younglings
The days of kings are over today
The evening has brought with it
The winds of the seas
Sweeping across your vast ground
And we have crowned them
Rulers of your land
The trees have spoken
And asked for liberation
Their roots have been unplugged
The earth bidding them adieu
Tonight we trample
Your words of oppression
With songs of freedom
Oh you men, with your calloused feet
Its redemption day.

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