Friday, December 5, 2014

Exciting News O Ye Blog Followers!!!

Well well well....

I read Chimamanda Adichies book, The Thing Around Your Neck, three months ago and i still haven't found the words to describe how i feel about the book on twitter because of the freaking word limit restriction. So as i was re-reading places i had bookmarked in the book today, it suddenly hit me...BOOK REVIEWS!!!

I decided to add a little twist to this blog by doing book reviews. I read a book, i write a review, you decide to read the book if my review excites you or not, Either way i will be doing book reviews on this blog from now on. I will add a menu to a book review section so it would be easy for anyone to find. Bored? Looking for a book to read(English books ofcourse)? head to Shaheedahs blog and voila, based on my review you find a book to read. Do not worry, my reviews will not contain spoilers, i will not talk about intricate details concerning the book, just basic stuff, how i perceived the book, the writing style, the little details, how it got me literally breathless(believe me, books do this to me and i have to take a minute to catch my breath so i don't frikking die) etc.

Cool right??

Obviously my first book review will be about The Thing Around Your Neck since it gave birth to this idea and i am dying to talk about it...but..there is a but, seeing as i am sometimes busy with work, my thesis, and also the fact that i am a slow reader (i am not ashamed to admit that, i think i digest books better than fast readers :D yes, to my older sister and my little sister Asiya, i am referring to you two), i may not get to write reviews as often as i would like to but i promise, i will try my best to read as often as i can and as much books as i can and post reviews when i, i will definitely be writing book reviews and posting them on this blog.

Just that which matters eh?!

 Anyway, be back here as often as you can to find new book reviews(yayy!), new poems and new articles. I will be writing much more as i said during the Rebirth of the blog so stay with me..ok?!



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