Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Review(2): The Winner Stands Alone-Paulo Coelho

The life of glitz and glamour. Paulo Coelho blows my mind. Every time i read his book, it is like i am being transported into another universe.

Paulo Coelho doesn't just write fiction, he writes stories that send a message, that teach. One of the main reasons why i love his books so much. He is a teacher and he uses stories to teach, the brilliant art of story telling.
The winner stands alone is a book about the world of movies, fashion and love. Not your typical love story tho, far from that, a bit manic actually. The way his characters are transformed at the end of each of his books is remarkable.  There are lessons and bits and pieces of advice embedded within Paulos writing, it is amazing.
This is a story about a man who sets out of a rather diabolical mission to get the love of his life back, while on his journey, he encounters people and realises his mission is far from what he had anticipated.
I remember when i read The Zahir how i was transformed at the end of the book together with the transformation of the main character. His writing spins the wheels in your head and makes you think, feel.
The amazing thing about The winner stands alone is not just the story line which is flawless by the way, Paulo did his research as usual, it is the writing style, the way he gives a voice to each and every character,  it is like he is breathing life into a world within the book. I highly recommend this book. I promise you would not regret reading this book.
A qoute i adored:

"Someone's spirit, however has no name, it is pure truth and inhabits a particular bod for a certain period of time, and will one day, leave it and God won't bother asking, "What's your name?" when the soul arrives at the final judgement, God will ask only: "Did you love while you were alive?" For that is the essence of life: the ability to love, not the name we carry around on our passport, business card and identity card."

There is a lot about spirituality and life in this book. Truly remarkable.


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