Tuesday, December 2, 2014

30 Things You Will Come Across As You Grow Older

1. Not everyone will see you the way you see yourself
2. You are not all that
3. People lie
4. The words "i love you" are not a promise
5. You will stop believing in things you used to believe in
6. You will stop feeling
7. You will question God
8. You will question commitment
9. Heartbreak pain is actually very physical
10. You will hate yourself
11. You will fall in love with yourself
12. You will fall in love
13. You will find God
14. You will feel again
15. You will pretend to be happy a lot
16. He will leave you for her
17. Or she will leave you for him
18. You will wonder if it was your fault
19. It probably was
20. You will fall in love again
21. You may not
22. You will find something that will make you happy
23. You will cry in the shower
24. Everyone will expect so much from you
25. You will lose yourself
26. You will find yourself
27. You will realise that sometimes even the people that love you the most cannot  do anything for you, not out of malice or prejudice, but because only you can help yourself
28. You will have doubts
29. You will make mistakes
30. You will figure it all out


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