Saturday, November 29, 2014

ReBirth: Le Blog

This is not an actual article about a rebirth or some deep poem :D

Spicing things up a bit on the blog because a. I was bored, b. I have being wanting to change the layout c. I am a nerd.

So, I decided to get a new theme for the blog, how do you all like the new blog layout? Pretty cool right, i think the last one was a bit primitive and i wanted something a bit more matured seeing as i clocked a year older two weeks ago. There are cooler navigation menus at the top below the header Image,you will find that i categorised the menus by type. For poems, you go to poetry and for articles you go to articles(obviously :D),also there is a link to my createspace estore where you can order my book (i know you haven't, yalla go order now), a search widget at the bottom of the page and also an archive widget with a popular widget. Scroll from top to bottom, click on older posts just above the footer below the posts. Click click click...familiarise.
I will probably be writing more now,the thing is, i actually have things to write, just things come up and well, priorities. My head is filled with ideas for articles and i have so much poems just sitting waiting to be published which i could do right now but hey, what is the fun in doing stuff when you can procrastinate :D.

Anyway, come back again and read read read.

Let there be writing, as The CC said.


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  1. Love it!!! looking forward to more posts from you ;) I have a similar problem as well. My head is filled with ideas but to write it down is an issue!!