Sunday, October 5, 2014

When The Boy You Were In Love With Asks You

When the boy you were in love with
asks you if a poem
is about him,
tell him Yes
if it is,
tell him No
if it is not.
If it is
he will apologise
and he will thank you
for writing about him
laugh in his face
tell him not to thank you
does he thank his lungs
after each breath?.
Tell him not to apologise
he is so full of himself
tell him he did not break you
tell him he gave you poetry,
even if you want to cry
laugh in his face again
tell him not to be silly
you know he is not sorry
(Really he is not)
tell him to read the poem again
tell him it is neither an ode
nor a love song
tell him it is poetry
and then YOU thank him
for giving you


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