Saturday, August 2, 2014

Written by my little sister Mimi

My 13 year old sister(Mimi) wrote this and i was highly fascinated at her thoughts. Forgive any grammatical errors for i will not edit her words. I am posting it as she wrote it. I asked her if i could post it on my blog and she agreed.

"In Nigeria, we are facing a lot of things like viruses(Ebola), war, religious crisis, bomb blasts. On the first thought, i just don't understand how Israelis will be attacking Gaza(Palestine), is it because they are stronger than them or what, i just don't understand. One the second thought, why do people kill each other, is it that they don't have a heart or what? they are humans just like you are, just think about it, wait a minute, like boko haram, what is wrong with them? They should just think about it, someone passing and then they, Boko haram stops to kill him/her. Do they know how painful it is to lose your loved one? am sure they don't know, they've never experienced one. Shedding innocent peoples blood, blasting places, innocent people die who have done nothing to them. If they had at least talked to them, just don't take action. On the third thought, what do you want to do with girls, kidnapping innocent girls, raping, killing, and changing their religion. If they don't have intention believe me, they will still be of their religions. Shekau the leader of boko haram, it is not everyone that wants to be muslim, we are living in a world of freedom of rights."

And then it ends abruptly here. This is her first article ever, although it is haphazardly structured, i think we can all understand the message she is trying to convey(or rather her thoughts). These are thoughts we all have had/are having. We have reached a point in this life where kids write articles questioning war, rape,murder. It is a very sad world we live in. Truly sad. 


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