Wednesday, July 23, 2014

i wrote this poem a while ago, this seems like a right time to post it. 

I am choking,
on the smell,
of burned childhood
Breathing in deep,
the absence of innocence.
The drones have left,
in their wake
Broken homes
and shattered dreams
Hearts beautified
With bullet holes.
I am not afraid,
We exchange vows
And bury our dead
we kiss our lovers
With thirst and passion
For when the drones strike.

Peace has temporarily left the building                 
Hope has hugged us
and sang us lullabies
Hope has warmed those
Cold winter nights
Peace has temporarily left the building
-Obamas drones


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  2. This reminded me of a book i read a while back ' Beirut: I love you '. It's a memoir by Zena El-khalil and part of the book was about living in war-torn Beirut and New york pre and post 9/11. Your poem is similar to the message her story portrayed...

    1. Ohh i have never heard of the recommend??