Friday, June 20, 2014

My 13 years old sister

So this happened, I saw a picture of my 13 year old little sister at a wedding and i sent her a message saying "Whose wedding did you attend? You look gorgeous" and she replied "I know, i always look gorgeous".....i don't know why but i have never being prouder as a sister.

My sister is 13 years old and she is the most annoying but loveable person ever. There is no one person who meets her and doesn't fall instantly in love with her. She has this infectious energy and as much as i try to clip her wings, i sometimes feel like her dragon wings are unclip-able.

One of the things in envy most about her is her undying confidence. This is a 13 years old girl whom i envy. I envy her truck load of confidence, she knows she is smart(very) and gorgeous and regardless of what anyone says, she is confident in who she is. Most of the time i wish i had half as much confidence as she has, i wish i could take a compliment as graciously as she does without trying to be "modest" and replying a "you look beautiful" with an embarassed "oh no i'm not" she reminds me of why i chose to be a feminist. Girls need to understand that, compliments do not determine who you turn out to be. Things like that are little things, far from the bigger picture, far from what girls should  live for.

I don't know why but i often think of the message between i and her and i think to myself, dude, this girl is the reason why we must fight for the rights of women. We must not let the world turn kids against themselves. kids need to know they matter and no one can decide for them the kinds of people they will in fact turn out to be. We just have to preserve the innocence and beauty of children especially girls, whom are thought at an early age that all they have to be is pretty and that's it, they will become women and men will own(marry) them and take care of them.

Conclusively...i watched a video and i am so guilty of always going "sorry" even when i don't even need to be...I am sharing this Pantene video with all you beautiful girls. To the boys, sorry we are not sorry.
Enjoy this little 2minutes video :)


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