Friday, April 25, 2014


HAS THIS MADE HEADLINES YET??? More than 230 school girls were kidnapped from their school in Borno State 12 days ago. 43(allegedly) escaped. Over 187 girls are still missing. The President is still campaigning. The lives of Nigerian girls is worth nothing to the GEJ administration.
As a Nigerian, i now know what my life is worth to the Republilc of Nigeria. NOTHING. President Goodluck Jonathan has repeatedly shown indifference to the situation of people living in fear in places like Borno State. 12 days ago, several girls went missing. A bomb went off in Nyanya killing tens of people. The next day, Jonathan went off to Kano State to campaign. Ya Salam. We as Nigerians have being repeatedly shown how disposable we are. Our lives are as worthless as an insects'. Nigerians need to start asking the right questions. Where are our girls? How can the military, police and all other armed forces we have in Nigeria not be mobilised and sent into Borno State(Sambisa Forest) to find the missing girls? Clearly there is a camp holding all these missing people, only God knows the trauma they are going through. Wait?? Is it because they are from the poor?? or the north?? what if it were some ministers/senators family that was missing?? Is it not the same Nigeria sending troops to Liberia for peace keeping? This shows how idiotic, stupid and dumb our Federal Government is. I am outraged by this. Apart from the fact that some of these girls will possibly be dead by the time anything is done about their situation, imagine the amount of psychological trauma these girls will have to go through. Boko Haram has repeatedly proved to be a menace to Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan is so incompetent at doing is job that all he can do is stand in front of a camera, putting on a fake sympathetic looking face. Dear  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, you so extravagantly got your daughter wedded couple weeks ago, building her a tower of cake, imagine all the girls whose fathers just want to be given a chance to also build their daughters towers of cake. Once upon a time we sang "we are the leaders of tomorrow"..When is tomorrow?? Is there a tomorrow for us?? when school girls are getting kidnapped and not rescued, who will be left when tomorrow comes?? A long time ago i lost faith in the Federal Government of Nigeria. If people put their selfish desires aside and all these useless letter writing trend, and realise that they have a common enemy, Boko Haram, maybe, just maybe Nigeria will begin to see a glimpse of a Tomorrow but for now, Nigeria is still stuck in yesterday and will continue to remain there until we as a people unite and start asking the real questions...Where is our money?? but first, Where are our girls?? Corruption has bled into the roots of Nigeria crippling it right from the toes and this is what the kids are growing up to, this is what they know, this is what they are learning. Unless our leaders fix their brokenness, Corruption will always be the earth Nigerians fall onto. 

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