Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The silence scared me and i ran from it.
left to my thoughts i felt nauseous,
repulsed by my own thoughts my skin was like a plastic bag,
steady suffocating me within myself,
large headphones with loud music
to drown out the sounds of my demons
sleep was a healthy escape
dreamscape a warm home
filled with dead roses
and choking with the smell of burnt toast.

Lying in bed now it is so quiet
it is peaceful
the waves of blood gushing in my ears
i can hear my heart feeding itself
beating against blood and skin
gently lifting me to the stars
a bird chipped.
i am not afraid anymore,
there are suns behind my eyelids
i am in no rush to go to sleep.
my reality is filled with love
and the smell of fresh bread
i am at one with me.
i am at one with you.
i bid my demons Adieu
and counted the constellations.
behind my eyelids.


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