Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sand Castles

I don't remember building them a lot
But i remember them crumbling
Majestically falling to sand
Beneath the weight of childhood boots

I fell sand castles for you
Me crumbling beneath lies and spit
I was softness. my bones.
My bones were sponge
Soaking you up. me up
Sand castles. me

I was answered prayer
Knees scratched from kneeling
You called me out
Soft steps gently raining me down
Pouring me into being
Me. Your prayer

Sand. castles.
My tears wet the light soil
I built myself up
From the pieces you left
I crumbled so many times
My self is clay
Holding me together
Spit and grit

You built me
Made me
Broke me
Left me

Sand castles. Me. 


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