Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kids Of The Internet

That is the thing with having the right kind of information, it opens you up to so many possibilities and you realize, every single idea of normal that was instilled into your mind, as a child could actually not be your own personal idea of normal. They are afraid to have us well informed so they clip our wings and teach us to be small, they sew our minds and tell us the sky is blue when actually, it is not always blue and the grass, it is not always green. Their greatest fear is a well informed youth, they are afraid of us, they have given us access to too much information and now we know, we have a choice, we have rights and we want to be heard.

They tell us “It’s too far” when it is actually not that far, and “impossible” actually means, “do not even try”. They are afraid we are actually mad enough to try, to try and then succeed. Our success where their “impossible” sits is not acceptable so they teach us to accept mediocrity. They feed us born and bred tales passed down from those who ruined them to begin with and expect us to swallow it down and ask no questions. We are the Internet generation. We are the technologically bred generation. We were made to ask, to try and to fly. We were raised on a pc.

The Internet is the most terrifyingly beautiful thing a wandering 16 year old could find. I found it. Finding out just how much is not too much and finally figuring out how massive this world is. They are afraid to let us fly, to let us wander for they know what we will find. Truth. They don't want the truth, they don't want us to find out all the lies we have been fed, they want us to remain the little obedient not so smart children because that is how they were raised. The people that raised them figured out how dangerously creative the mind of a child is so they broke them, in the hopes that they would break us, and we would break the ones after us and it becomes another endless cycle of ignorance and they are ok with that, because only then can they rub us of our dreams so there own dreams could thrive and continue to thrive. The golden age became the rotten age.

Now we know. We have read, we have seen, we have figured out our dreams and we know the truth isn't always true so when they say, "it is the right thing to do" we ask "for who?” A well-informed youth is the most powerful weapon a nation could have. They are afraid of us. They are afraid of us. They are afraid of us. The Internet raised us.


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