Saturday, January 18, 2014

Calling Madonna Out On Her Shit

This just had to be written. I cannot even begin to describe just how much reading this fired me up. Following Madonnas recent Instagram post and having Rihanna call her out on her shit, of course we the people of the internet needed to do some digging to see what is going on then i found the most repulsive thing. Madonna had the nerve to say black men have treated her the worst when she was in an abusive marriage with Sean Penn who so happens to be a white man and even going further to say that "it is a cultural thing". It is cultural for our men to be disrespectful to women because they had no sense of romance? Oh the nerve Madonna got.

Madonna took it upon herself to tell all the little black girls that it is sort of their obligation to withstand abuse(well she used rage but we know what she means) from black men because oh we see what's happened to them. So because i am a black woman, i am inclined to sit and listen to a man go ape shit crazy at me because his father left and he does not know how to treat a woman. So Madonna is telling me to understand and listen because we black people are made of steel and gold and not of flesh and blood. Clearly telling black girls that they have no rights and no voices.

She then had nerve to manipulate this ridiculous interview to make it about her being a strong woman and so people feel threatned by her. Madonna, also said we as the black community were not supportive of her. Well, okay. we do not like shit music, we do not like old women grinding up provocatively on our screens when  they should be doing other things at that age.

Madonna was not only racist but also outright hypocritical. Martin Luther King did not die for women like Madonna to go up on Instagram confidently typing words like "disnigga". No Madonna. Such language is rude and disrespectful and we as poc would like you to get your shit together and re-think your entire life.


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