Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love, God and Infinity

White black and brown mountains,
Blue white and grey skies
There must be a God
There has to be
As the beautiful flakes fell,
I took several scoops and pressed them to my face
It was divine
Maybe this is how to feel God
Or in the stars
If i stared hard enough
Maybe i could see a face
Love is God and my love for him is Godly
His hands pressed to my face
Just maybe if i pressed them hard enough
I would consume him into me
And he would know me
Know my depth
Know me in all the little ways
Know me in all the secret places i do not know myself
We would be together forever
Maybe not forever
But in a timeless place
Where we counted time
As a multiple of infinity
Where love was money
The richest man was the one
More in love, deeply passionately in love
Entertwined in our beautiful infinity
Our love would last
It wouldn't grow old
And crumble to little particles of dust
Flying into the night carried by the wind
Our love would go round a circle of infinity
And circle right back to us.

The night is dark
River flows
Sea gulls
Cold, Ice
The snow fell hard
We held hands.


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