Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Irrelevance of Birthdays

I became a year older this month and i have being completely bummed out about it and just overly depressed about getting older. If you do not feel this way about birthdays, that's fine. Ya'all are gorgeous you know, don't let one sadist ruin birthdays for you :D

Recently, I’ve started to see the irrelevance of the amount of effort we put into doing something “fun” on our birthdays. I mean, do you realise it is just another year marking the things you didn’t achieve? It is another year closer to your eminent demise (not that every minute is not a step closer to our eminent demise) but yes. What really is the significance of celebrating birthdays?

Maybe I don’t know anything, I mean, who am I to comment? I’ve never had a birthday party unlike most kids; my first ever birthday celebration, which wasn’t even exactly a celebration, was during my second year in a middle school boarding house. I’d just turned 12 and my mum brought me cake and some drinks and snacks (on my request), which I shared with the entire dormitory. So basically what I’m saying is I am not the most experienced person when it comes to birthdays, so bear my negativity.

It’s 2013, and birthdays are now sort of like a debt (I know you’ve thought it too). You feel the need to get your friend a gift on their birthday, not because you really give a shit, but because you remembered they gave you one on yours so you are obliged to give them something back. I mean, what is the point of doing something not because you actually want to, but because you feel it is a duty.

And turning up to the party? Please. We could turn up whenever we feel like turning up. What is the importance of partying on your birthday? Does it make you feel better about getting older? Does it make you any more accomplished than you already feel? Does it hide the fact that you have wasted another year of your life in a dead end job? Or does it make you feel good about the fact that your dreams are still on hold?

I get the whole giving the kids a show of love and affection from their parents on their birthdays (ignore my use of the word show, I’m sure your parents love you all), I mean, kids need that. But what about adults?  Call me a sadist but I think most of the time, we don’t really care about people’s birthdays. We forget 70% of the time (if not for Facebook), admit it, you do not care if on this same day a couple of years ago your friend popped out of their mothers belly so yeah, birthday celebrations are highly irrelevant.

Those that love you will remember your birthday and they'll probably call you, or text you, or whatever you means of communication is and well, some love you but they'll forget, we are not computers or facebook, anyway what i'm saying is, chill out on the whole birthday ok? there is so much more chilled things than being silly on your birthday.

Do not get me wrong, marking the date IS important. That’s why we have birth certificates, but the need to celebrate every single year you turn older is just highly vain in my opinion. We all love gifts, sure, but if you truly love someone, you’d get them a gift whenever you want, not just on one particular day because you feel obliged to.

Do not deny it, I am voicing out your unspoken thoughts.


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