Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sexual Harassment

Note: This something i am going to be writing about a lot so brace yourselves for a truck load of feminist ideologies. Realise that this is a highly sensitive topic for me. More than a feminist, i am a Humanist(not in the actual definition but a complete pro human rights) and a violation of human rights regardless of gender/religion/race enrages me and brings me to this blog.

Ok Listen:

You know why most men that perform the act of sexual assault commit such heinous act? Because they were raised by generations of women who were thought that they would always be nothing but number two and that their world revolves around a man telling them who to be and so they raise their sons to be the alphas they are supposed to be, telling them that the world is their oyster whilst forgetting to teach them the most important lesson of all, respect for the female gender.

Do you realise that when ever a woman reports being harassed the first thing they ask her is "Were you out at night?" followed by "What were you wearing?". Since time immemorial, women were always told that it is their fault whenever such ugliness happens to them. We as a society have done nothing but fail each other repeatedly.

Why don't we stop throwing the "you should have worn something less revealing" line and start teaching our boys that a woman is not a conquest, they do not get gold stars for sticking their manhood into her, they must respect a woman enough to never touch her unless she agrees to be touched. As time goes, the human race is apparently supposed to evolve into this mega hi-tech clan with so much technological advancement that we could go to the moon and back(literally) but i have come to understand that barbarianism still holds us back and the human race will never be fully evolved to its super hi-tech"NESS".

Look, the thing that separates us from animals is our ability to feel and think and do other cool shit but as long as men keep on assaulting women and getting away with it, we will always be nothing but animals on two feet instead of four.

I found Feminism when i learned to love and respect myself first. Everyone, male or female should be feminist because if you respect yourself enough to treat yourself right, you will respect the next person and treat them just the way you want to be treated.

A story: Couple days ago i was out with my friends and a guy walked up to us like he was going to pass and he grabbed me at the crotch and attempted to just walk away. You know what i did? i turned right around and punched him. That would remind him that my body is not a side walk for him to walk on and girls remember, this people are not real MEN and do not hesitate to punch a bastard(ok, this is bad advice i think but yeah, report to the closest authority you can find and make sure he gets punished for harassing you).

More on Sexual harassment soon. I have a surprise coming for my lovely readers.


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