Saturday, November 9, 2013


Have you ever asked yourself what it is you are living for?

Forget everything you think you know, open your mind now. Did you ever imagine a certain utopia, where every single person just looks at another person and thinks about the life that person is going through? The homeless man down the street and the man in the big mansion next door are living two parallel lives, one is just a side story, a glance in the others story. Every single person we meet is struggling through something, he/she has passed or is passing through a phase, like me every single person has there own way of accepting things, everyone has their individual beliefs and everyone is just searching for eyes that deem recognition.

I think if we think about these things, we would live in a lot more peaceful world. Think about it, move past physical appearances and look into peoples heart. A friend once told me "everyone has a good heart, some are just misguided". He has no idea, but his little phrase changed my life. Did you know that, if you strip 10 random different people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, if you strip them down to their skeletal form you would not be able to recognise who is who. It is very important that we listen to people, and listen to them well, see their heart, be black, brown, white or yellow, nobody was born with hate. Every single soul is capable of a gargantuan amount of love, you have no idea. When we treat people the way we want to be treated, we realise that we treat others better and they learn and treat others better and its a huge cycle of people randomly being nicer to other people and it starts from you, you treating the next stranger exactly the way you want that stranger to treat you.

Live a life which you will look back on and smile. Be a reason for someone to be kind. Kindness is so infectious, if you are kind to people around you, they too would want to be kind and just like that, you have begun another cycle. Be a person whom others think of and say "she/he changed my life". We sadly live in a very vile and angry world, fortunately for me, i was born into a religion that rewards people for smiling (smile, it's sadaaqah :D ). Regardless of your religion, a smile never hurt anybody, a single smile has started millions of relationships and one angry comment has ended so many. It breaks my heart that we see one another and look away just because we do not know that person. smile, it's sadaaqah. Wallah i can promise you that a smile has never broken a heart.

A teacher once told me "breaking someone's heart is like breaking a part of the Ka'abah". For us muslims, the Ka'abah is so precious to us that we could never think of ever ruining it. And if we learn to take peoples hearts as the Ka'abah, wallah we would cause less pain to people around us. Treat every single person you meet like an egg. Every soul is precious and every soul living through a struggle. Be the reason for someones happiness. Be a reason for other people to be good people. The wise poet Jelaluddin Rumi wrote "Yesterday i was clever, so i wanted to change the world. Today i am wise, so i am changing myself". It starts from yourself, you do not need to save the world, you need to save yourself first, unless you are good, you cannot make any other person better.

Take a day or two to think about your life. Re-evaluate you prioritise. Be the person you want your child to be. Be the reason someone excels. Change our life. Change others'.

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