Thursday, November 7, 2013

For My Daughter On Her First Heartbreak

Baby, sweet little child of mine.
This volcano of pain erupting
from your heart, the burning in your stomach,
I promise you baby all this will fade.
A time will come when,
all that pain is just rain,
the fire in your heart
will die down.
The walls closing you in
baby, all will fall.
Your breath will become
 so light baby,
you will breathe life
and you will live.
You will take a day
at a time,
a bonfire
does not go on
after day break.
Your tears,
baby your tears
will dry up
and on that day,
you will smile on this earth
and your face,
your beautiful sweet face
will glow, it would glow
so bright that night becomes day.
You become the earth,
you will see the color on the flowers,
you will smell the ocean breeze,
your will hear the wind
and feel the rain.
Baby this is not over,
you are not over,
life is not over.
Baby you were made strong,
titanium baby,
you are unsinkable baby,
you will rise from this turmoil baby.
The stones that break you
will become dust before you.
Take this pain baby
and give it to life.
Let it be the wind.
Sweet little child of mine,
this too shall pass
like everything thing in life.
Live life
and baby love,
it’s so tricky but
baby when you do fall in love
it will over take you
and you will be swept away.
Love will find you baby
and  it will take you
to places mummy can’t take you.
Pain changes you baby
and I pray that it makes you
the best you
that you can be.
I do pray
that my love for you
hugs you and
kisses you at night
and I pray baby
that my love for you
will make you love yourself
more than he will love.
I love you sweet little princess.


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