Saturday, May 11, 2013

Letters and Numbers

Growing up i was always one of those book worms,
Father got us books and piled them in boxes and told us to read,
And the sweet part is, we loved every bit of it,
From Lady Birds to Enid Blytons,
We were his little books worms,
We made him proud,
I always hated school but loved to learn,
The point of going to a place filled with pretentious and competitive kids,
With adults, dictating what i can and can't do,
Taking a test to determine who's smart and who's not
Never made sense  to me,
The B makes me dumber than the A student,
And my F makes me a delinquent and possible street degenerate.
The idea behind waking up every morning,
To have my life written out for me on a sheet of paper,
Has never been a life i wanted.
"x + y" does not give me a "z"
And so my lack of ability to do the sum gets me a D
Which puts me at the bottom of the class,
And in my book, letters form words and numbers don't
But in algebra, its all mixed up and it gets me mixed up,
And so i can't read it, and i cant sum or subtract or even multiply it,
Miss says, "you need to study more" but what i need
Is for the alphabets to form words and not numbers and maybe
It would all make sense to me and if possible,
i would get an A and so Miss will think i'm smart.
And when the letters form words, I can read them in a book,
And it will all make sense and i will be in love with the book
And in my mind, life will be perfect.
Give me letters to form words, keep the numbers for the smart kids Miss.


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