Thursday, February 7, 2013


Believe whatever you want to believe but The Princess always ends up with the prince. At the end of the day, regardless of peoples beliefs that love is diverse and open and the princess may end up with the pauper but who are we kidding? Princesses go for Princes. We must not settle for less than we deserve, if the princess feels strongly that she deserves a Prince, then she must settle for a Prince, never less. She must love herself enough to know what she deserves.

Once upon a time, the princess had no idea who she was, she didn't know what she wanted and her idea of life was below mediocre. Along came the pauper, he was kind and she taught she could love him so she gave him a chance. She turned the pauper into an outstanding husband without even trying. The princess taught she had it all. Coming from a family where she was beyond loved with a father that would kill for her, she was happy. naive princess did not know, the man she taught she loved was not whom she wanted. She began to read and find herself, she realised she deserved more than the pauper. She did not not want him because he was a pauper, she realised her beliefs and his beliefs were total opposites. Within a short period of time, the pauper left the little princess, he broke her heart and she cried for nights. Knowing full well that she deserved more than the pauper, she still let herself hurt over him. Little Princess hurt, healed and learned. She buried her heart far away in the depths of her soul and plunged herself into a life of books. She read and read, learned and learned, changed her life, loved herself enough to fully understand who she was and what she wants. Little Princess realised what true happiness really is. For her it was finding something she loved, the love of books, and letting it consume and overwhelm her.

Morale of the story is, you must first know who you are before you can involve yourself with another. you must embark yourself on a journey at some point in your life to truly get to know what it is you are living for and if that which you are living for is worth dying for.


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