Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weeping Sunflower

This is it. The nothingness scared him. He knowz what lies ahead and he does not want to live that life. Slowly he lifted the blade and kept it on the desk beside the glass of water he wAs having. It seemed beautiful and small, shining against the sun coming in from the window and it reflected the glass in a weird way. Made him think of diamonds. He thought of writing a note but their was nothing to write and the nothingness all around him was what brought him to now. He sipped the water, put it back down, lifted it again, and drained the cup. Without thinkin any further he lifted the blade, sliced one wrist, switched hands, and sliced the other. This is it. He told himself. He laid down on his bed, trying to be logical as to not make a mess. His sister wouldn't then want the room. He laid in his bed and waited. Yes he waited for death. 

Time seemed to slow. He could here the clock go "tik" and then "tock". It was annoying really but he laid there. Waiting for death is painful he thought. Not painful in a physical way but painful in a draining kind of way. Maybe because his life was draining he thought. The wind blew through the curtains and the metallic smell of blood hit him and he smiled, a satisfactory smile. He would soon leave this emptiness, he mused. The first wave of dizziness hit him and he relaxed more into his bed. İt didn't hurt. The pain from the blade was so minute he thought it was almost not there. But he would soon turn to dirt so it was fine. Raised as an athiest he never realy thought about God but now he had time before death took him so why not. There was nothing to think about because honestly he didnt care one bit for the world or about God. All he wanted was way out nd he found it, if there was a God, he would have tried to stop him from killing himself, wouldn't he? His head got heavy nd his eyes got heavy. This is it. And just like that, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Selfish it may seem but his reasons are his and just before he went completely out he saw it, a single sunflower and it wAs crying. He was confused as to why a sunflower would cry or even how that was possible but it was time and his little guest was waiting for him. It was too late to fight the sleep and so he left his empty life behind, thinking about the weeping sunflower.


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