Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Love

One winter night,
With the wind in my hair,
And the cold electrifying my fingers,
I feel inlove,

Love so strong,
It overwhelmed my mind,
Its flames erupted through my heart,
Like the fires of mount Doom,

It burned my skin,
A glowing red,
My face flourished,
Like the desert sun,

I could not breath,
I could not think,
This love was strong,
It consumed me,

Although it hurt,
I was in no pain,
This love made me smile,
Like the morning sun,

It was ecstatic,
I was in a daze,
One winter night,
I cried happy tears,

My tears flowed,
A warm trickle,
Like the summer lake,
It was euphoric,

One winter night,
I fell inlove,
This love was different,
I found my ONE.


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