Friday, December 14, 2012

Some of you might find this offensive or stupid but then this is my opinion and your opinions are welcomed and can be shared in the comments section.

I am upset right now and this is not usually my kind of post but i think you will be seeing more posts like this. Anyways the source of my anguish this night is none other than the public asking us to donate for every single thing. Now don't get me wrong, donating is a good thing, i always force my parents to donate to charity organisations but lately its like people think the world is stupid. Like there are people out there actually in need of help. Like people affected by natural disasters, homeless people, these are people that need food and shelter and truly money can help but then its like the world thinks money can fix everything. i found this in a site that donates money to the Sandy Hook victims and this is what the page says "This fundraiser is focused on helping the teachers and families who lost loved ones and students in the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT. This money will go towards anything these families need in their time of mourning and grieving, to get them on their feet, to give them hope, and everything else. To know that there are people out there that want to help support them and make school and learning feel safe, secure, and a good place to be again."

Really, money can fix a broken heart?? for some reason this got me very angry. and please don't misunderstand, i am not insensitive, believe me i am probably the most sensitive people out there but this just feels wrong and if i lost someone i loved and u give me money i would be overly offended. Like, sometimes all we need is some space to grieve or a shoulder to cry or simply a hug. Money can not bring back the dead and it certainly cannot replace the person you love. To get them on their feet?? to give them hope?? when did money start giving hope?? hope that the person u love will come back??really?? Giving them money to buy material worldly things justifies killing their kids??? this organisation does not say anything about getting to the bottom of what really happened and why it happened.

What people need to do is walk up to washington and demand to see whomever is in charge and let him/her know shit is wrong. I mean you give a child a lollipop sure he is going to suck on it. You allow people to carry guns around just because a piece of paper they signed gives them a licence to carry it around, sure they are going to start shooting up things. and sadly they didn't shoot birds or deers, they shot little kids. That is just sick and the fact that the government allows people to have guns is just sickening.
i know people would say it is safe if it is for self defense. Is it?? is it really for self defense?? and if there is more security in the world, people wouldn't need to think about owning guns to protect themselves. and people lose their shit sometimes and go nuts and oh look, i remembered to get a gun while i was sane so why not use it now and break hearts all over.

Something is wrong somewhere and someone needs to look into it.


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