Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dull Jackets

She wore navy green pants and a purple sweat shirt and i could pick her out of the mass of people crossing the road coz she stood out. In their dull colored jackets they all seemed the same. They walked about with an air of nothingness, like nothing rily mattered and this was their routine. To cross the road everyday at 12pm to get that place they needed to go. It was all sad and dull in that narrow street but she seemed different. With her really curly messy hair sticking out from beneath her multicoloured hat and coloured headphones. I could not see her face but from the way she walked and bobbed her head to the music, she seemed to be having a brighter day from within her headphones than the people in tailored suits and dull jackets. 

It was peaceful watching her walk away. She seemed alright, but she probably wasn't but at that moment, that very instant  her coloured attire caught my eye, i could swear she was at her infinite. She was probably off in an adventure. From the way she was dressed, she seemed like a risk taker. she walked with an air of confidence that seemed reassuring somewhat. she may not be all i think she is but that moment was all that mattered. that very minute i saw her walking to the otherside of the street. And for some reason it gave me hope. Maybe, just maybe it is not the same old routine and truly there,there has to be more to life than dull jackets and repeating routines. 


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