Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Story of Love.

I saw him walk away from the crowd,
My heart leaped and i couldn't breathe,
I went after him,
He did not see me,
I walked slowly past a fountain,
Out by the trees i saw him stand,
Beautiful as ever,
I tried to touch him but i couldn't,
Yet i felt joy and my heart screamed,
My head exploded with colours and sugar,
I felt feelings i had never felt,
A nut turned in my stomach as he turned,
He gave me that smile that i so remember and he took my hand,
We stood by the trees and stared into each others eyes,
I missed him, I missed him more than words could,
"Why did you have to leave"? i cried,
"I wanted you to find me" he replied,
And wiped my tears,
His hands were cold and oh so soft,
I couldn't bare to lose him again,
He kissed my eyes and told me between my sobs,
"This time its forever, you found me",
And i believed him,
We sat by the trees all night long,
The sun faded and the moon rose,
Time stopped and we were Infinite,
We are forever.

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