Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Terrorist

They label me a terrorist before they even know my name, well call me Baby and let my last name be Terrorist. Baby Terrorist. Now how does that suite me? Does it go with my undersized shoes or little fingers? When you see me in my stroller in the street, u'll probably wave nd simply say "hello, baby terrorist". Why all this you may wonder? Well because i'm Muslim and to make matters worse...Palestinian. Obviously a terrorist. Why baby you may think? Well because i am, i am a few months old, still in diapers and can only feed if fed. Yes, i am a little infant. That is what you may see. Is that what the Israel oppressive government see? Oh no, thats not what they see because they don't even look at me. They know i am here, and i am breathing so its safe to assume i am a terrorist. God forbid let me grow up and become someone, i'll end up becoming a nuisance, push comes to shove i end up a terrorist, with guns and machetes, to smash the heads of every Jew i walk by. My mother has no say neither does my father, they are probably dead right now, under the rubble of a house i used to live in, struck by a missile from God knows where for God knows why. They kill us  for being who we are, born in a land our fathers used to own. We have no place to call our own anymore, the children like me can't go out because our mothers are afraid we may end up getting hit by a missile somewhere. We have noone to stand for us and when we fight back, we are at fault, for defending something that was initially ours to begin with. It hurts believe me it does. I am Palestinian by origin and by birth, call me whatever you want, terrorist today, murderer tomorrow but the difference between me and my oppressors is, my faith. My faith is strong and unwavering and no matter how many missiles they throw at me, my faith will never die. 


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