Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gods' Little Angels

Gods little angels. Born from hate. In a very dark world. Hatred and evil lure the streets of this earth. Gods little angels, born without sin become monsters. Coated with little shining stars, gods little angels were a miracle to behold. In a society where miracles don't  exist, the little angels lose their glow. mama screams and cries papa does dope. Little angels innocent and pure are carried away into the dark world. 
Don't they see?the innocence they corrupt? The purity they stain? With  big dark marks. Gods little angels have no protection and no support. Gods little angels are not angels anymore. They are now kids, kids of the society. 
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No Culture

My culture has died and so have i. We adopt the west and dissolve our traditions. We forget our past and go with the groove. My culture is dead, i'm probably not here. The tears from our mothers and the blood of our fathers, buried in time like they never were. We cut ourselves from what makes our culture, we claim times have changed and so we must evolve. We kill the bears, and the tigers and pandas to wear fine coats, so we look like the Queen. My culture is dead, my traditions have gone, i have no past, i'm probably not here.
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