Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Sorry

I'm sitting here thinking of you
Thinking if you think of me
Wondering if you wake up and i come to your mind
Like you come to my mind the moment i wake up
With every breath i take i wonder if u feel the same

i'm sorry i'm such a stupid baby
i'm sorry u dont feel like i feel
i'm sorry u dont like who i am
i'm sorry u cant put up with me anymore
i'm sorry i mean nothing to you
i'm sorry i'm such a bore
i'm sorry you felt you could do better than me
i'm sorry you realized i meant nothing to you
i'm sorry i'm sitting here thinking of you
i'm sorry i'm not pretty
i'm sorry i'm not what you want in a girl
i'm sorry i'm not little miss perfect
i'm sorry i'm everything you hate
i'm sorry i make you weak
i'm sorry i'm a disappoinment to you.
i'm sorry you look at me and you dont see what you want to see
i'm not sorry about the time i spent with you.
i'm not sorry for the memories of you i have
i'm not sorry i love you


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