Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flawless Me

I want to be....No,i need to be flawless.They don't see me unless i'm flawless. With my thick make up like the bark of a tree. I tuck and i pull,i then nib and i cut at my face,oh yeah,with my blood red lipstick. I have to be flawless. My hair is perfection,i wash and i stretch,i burn and i roll, not flawless enough? so i burn and roll some more.A little bit better. Boobs pushed so high,skirt real tight,i bet they'll see my bum now. Nothing less than flawless. My heels so high,red soles i must wear,i bet they go around checking the soles of my shoes. I crave perfection and unlimited attention so i dress like i dress and walk like i walk. My perfume is like a pull,you can't help but stare when i walk right by. and so as i walk,i twist and i turn,i flip my hair and sparkle my eyes. Flawless enough so i walk away feeling complete. Flawless i am.


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