Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Girl In Worn Out Shoes

I have had this on my mind for several days now..finally got around to getting it off my chest....wrote it just now in class...No edits...tell me what you thiink.

The slowest 60seconds of my life went by so slow it felt like I was standing for hours,in awe. At the street,about to cross the road,the light goes red and the countdown begins. 60seconds I reminded myself,and there she was, a little Kurdish girl,with her blue Accordion. She wasn’t playing it,she was just standing there in her worn out shoes,dirty white t-shirt and a dirty pink jeans… staring. I turned to see what she was staring at and there they were,the most beautiful girls ever. They were chatting away unaware of our gaze on them.the little kurdish girl,in her worn out shoes was also unaware of my gaze on her. Then I read,I read her face,she stared at their nails first,their perfectly manicured nails, polished pink, there was envy in her eyes,followed by sadness. Then she looked at their really cute shoes and then at hers. All this while,the girls had no idea of this little girl. She stared at them long and hard while the timer on the traffic light ticked so slow it was almost at a halt. Still on red,I watched the girl. They looked down at her,she smiled the smallest smile I had ever seen and almost as if she was invisible,they looked away and she looked down. Sadness flooded her face and she went red. With a heavy heart I looked up at the timer. 50 seconds,I had 10 more seconds before the light turned green. I looked one last time at the pretty girls, still unaware of the little girl,I looked at the little girl,still unaware of my gaze on her, she gave them one last look,the timer hit 60 and the light turned green. Then she crossed. I waited. The pretty girls crossed,laughing so loud. I waited, then walked behind them. I watched them walk off happily,like they had no care in the world,the little girl reached her little brother on the other side of the road,took his hand and walked away while smiling and talking to him and I walked home,unable to do nothing but think of that little girl days after I had witnessed the most intriguing piece of reality almost like a movie but way better.
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