Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be Afraid Of My Mind

Be Afraid Of My Mind

When i go to sleep, the heavens write behind my eyelids so i go to bed with a pen
and write down the words of the heavens in my dreams and when i wake up, i caress
the paper by my bedside with the words from my dreams and deliver.

I am the sword that never goes blunt, i am the rainbow that never goes away and i
am the clouds that never go to sleep.

Like David and Goliath my size is not my strength and neither is it my weakness.
I go down to the depths of my mind and i find my soul laying there with so much
knowledge to impact and when i come back i am brand new. I am filled with
knowledge. Be afraid of my mind.

Sometimes there is so much words in my soul i can feel it crying out, i can feel
it trying to explode out of every siingle pore in my body like the sweat that we
secrete just that it's different and this are words of knowledge. I learn all the
words and never let it explode coz when i do explode the words will fly out and
they'll be there in the open for everyone to grab but i doubt the universe will
be able to comprehend.

I walk around with my head down and sit with my head between my knees and listen
to the angels whisper my name and tell me the secrets of the world. I am not
afraid to walk alone coz the secrets of the universe that i know and so i am
truly never alone coz even the stars speak and when i look i listen for their
message and try to decipher like the codes of java.



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