Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember This

One day you'll wake up and realize just how alone you are. You will come to find out that nothing lasts forever. Yes, you'll always have your family but guess what? One day they'll be so fed up with all your crap that they'll also leave you. Only then will you begin to realize just how stupid you have being and then you decide to make amends. Amends? Now? A little bit late for that now sugar. We all like to think we can do things how we want and when we want thinking the world revolves around us but you know what the mind blower is? The world does not revolve anywhere near us. We are just little pieces of this world. Probably a meaningless piece. So before you go on screwing up relationships and severing ties and then becoming a societal reject, remember that  not every time we make mistakes we get to fix them. Somethings they do live with us for as long as we are alive. They don't go away, they don't get fixed, they just keep eating at us reminding of us of a momentary stupidity that ruined it all. Remember, cherish moments, value relationships and don't screw things up out of your utter stupidity.


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