Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Story of Love.

I saw him walk away from the crowd,
My heart leaped and i couldn't breathe,
I went after him,
He did not see me,
I walked slowly past a fountain,
Out by the trees i saw him stand,
Beautiful as ever,
I tried to touch him but i couldn't,
Yet i felt joy and my heart screamed,
My head exploded with colours and sugar,
I felt feelings i had never felt,
A nut turned in my stomach as he turned,
He gave me that smile that i so remember and he took my hand,
We stood by the trees and stared into each others eyes,
I missed him, I missed him more than words could,
"Why did you have to leave"? i cried,
"I wanted you to find me" he replied,
And wiped my tears,
His hands were cold and oh so soft,
I couldn't bare to lose him again,
He kissed my eyes and told me between my sobs,
"This time its forever, you found me",
And i believed him,
We sat by the trees all night long,
The sun faded and the moon rose,
Time stopped and we were Infinite,
We are forever.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Some of you might find this offensive or stupid but then this is my opinion and your opinions are welcomed and can be shared in the comments section.

I am upset right now and this is not usually my kind of post but i think you will be seeing more posts like this. Anyways the source of my anguish this night is none other than the public asking us to donate for every single thing. Now don't get me wrong, donating is a good thing, i always force my parents to donate to charity organisations but lately its like people think the world is stupid. Like there are people out there actually in need of help. Like people affected by natural disasters, homeless people, these are people that need food and shelter and truly money can help but then its like the world thinks money can fix everything. i found this in a site that donates money to the Sandy Hook victims and this is what the page says "This fundraiser is focused on helping the teachers and families who lost loved ones and students in the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, CT. This money will go towards anything these families need in their time of mourning and grieving, to get them on their feet, to give them hope, and everything else. To know that there are people out there that want to help support them and make school and learning feel safe, secure, and a good place to be again."

Really, money can fix a broken heart?? for some reason this got me very angry. and please don't misunderstand, i am not insensitive, believe me i am probably the most sensitive people out there but this just feels wrong and if i lost someone i loved and u give me money i would be overly offended. Like, sometimes all we need is some space to grieve or a shoulder to cry or simply a hug. Money can not bring back the dead and it certainly cannot replace the person you love. To get them on their feet?? to give them hope?? when did money start giving hope?? hope that the person u love will come back??really?? Giving them money to buy material worldly things justifies killing their kids??? this organisation does not say anything about getting to the bottom of what really happened and why it happened.

What people need to do is walk up to washington and demand to see whomever is in charge and let him/her know shit is wrong. I mean you give a child a lollipop sure he is going to suck on it. You allow people to carry guns around just because a piece of paper they signed gives them a licence to carry it around, sure they are going to start shooting up things. and sadly they didn't shoot birds or deers, they shot little kids. That is just sick and the fact that the government allows people to have guns is just sickening.
i know people would say it is safe if it is for self defense. Is it?? is it really for self defense?? and if there is more security in the world, people wouldn't need to think about owning guns to protect themselves. and people lose their shit sometimes and go nuts and oh look, i remembered to get a gun while i was sane so why not use it now and break hearts all over.

Something is wrong somewhere and someone needs to look into it.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Love

One winter night,
With the wind in my hair,
And the cold electrifying my fingers,
I feel inlove,

Love so strong,
It overwhelmed my mind,
Its flames erupted through my heart,
Like the fires of mount Doom,

It burned my skin,
A glowing red,
My face flourished,
Like the desert sun,

I could not breath,
I could not think,
This love was strong,
It consumed me,

Although it hurt,
I was in no pain,
This love made me smile,
Like the morning sun,

It was ecstatic,
I was in a daze,
One winter night,
I cried happy tears,

My tears flowed,
A warm trickle,
Like the summer lake,
It was euphoric,

One winter night,
I fell inlove,
This love was different,
I found my ONE.
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Weeping Sunflower

This is it. The nothingness scared him. He knowz what lies ahead and he does not want to live that life. Slowly he lifted the blade and kept it on the desk beside the glass of water he wAs having. It seemed beautiful and small, shining against the sun coming in from the window and it reflected the glass in a weird way. Made him think of diamonds. He thought of writing a note but their was nothing to write and the nothingness all around him was what brought him to now. He sipped the water, put it back down, lifted it again, and drained the cup. Without thinkin any further he lifted the blade, sliced one wrist, switched hands, and sliced the other. This is it. He told himself. He laid down on his bed, trying to be logical as to not make a mess. His sister wouldn't then want the room. He laid in his bed and waited. Yes he waited for death. 

Time seemed to slow. He could here the clock go "tik" and then "tock". It was annoying really but he laid there. Waiting for death is painful he thought. Not painful in a physical way but painful in a draining kind of way. Maybe because his life was draining he thought. The wind blew through the curtains and the metallic smell of blood hit him and he smiled, a satisfactory smile. He would soon leave this emptiness, he mused. The first wave of dizziness hit him and he relaxed more into his bed. İt didn't hurt. The pain from the blade was so minute he thought it was almost not there. But he would soon turn to dirt so it was fine. Raised as an athiest he never realy thought about God but now he had time before death took him so why not. There was nothing to think about because honestly he didnt care one bit for the world or about God. All he wanted was way out nd he found it, if there was a God, he would have tried to stop him from killing himself, wouldn't he? His head got heavy nd his eyes got heavy. This is it. And just like that, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Selfish it may seem but his reasons are his and just before he went completely out he saw it, a single sunflower and it wAs crying. He was confused as to why a sunflower would cry or even how that was possible but it was time and his little guest was waiting for him. It was too late to fight the sleep and so he left his empty life behind, thinking about the weeping sunflower.
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Dull Jackets

She wore navy green pants and a purple sweat shirt and i could pick her out of the mass of people crossing the road coz she stood out. In their dull colored jackets they all seemed the same. They walked about with an air of nothingness, like nothing rily mattered and this was their routine. To cross the road everyday at 12pm to get that place they needed to go. It was all sad and dull in that narrow street but she seemed different. With her really curly messy hair sticking out from beneath her multicoloured hat and coloured headphones. I could not see her face but from the way she walked and bobbed her head to the music, she seemed to be having a brighter day from within her headphones than the people in tailored suits and dull jackets. 

It was peaceful watching her walk away. She seemed alright, but she probably wasn't but at that moment, that very instant  her coloured attire caught my eye, i could swear she was at her infinite. She was probably off in an adventure. From the way she was dressed, she seemed like a risk taker. she walked with an air of confidence that seemed reassuring somewhat. she may not be all i think she is but that moment was all that mattered. that very minute i saw her walking to the otherside of the street. And for some reason it gave me hope. Maybe, just maybe it is not the same old routine and truly there,there has to be more to life than dull jackets and repeating routines. 
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Can I Do??

I am sitting here watching the news and my favourite topic comes up "Palestine". It is not my favourite topic because i enjoy what is happening over there, it is because there is just something attractive about a people who know their rights and will stop at nothing to get it. So i sit, hopelessly behind my screen and i wonder, what could i do to possibly help? to at least contribute to the plight of Palestinians, their plight for freedom, and i swear to you nothing came. I am basically a minor living with my parents still in college. I do not have any personal funds of any sort unless what i get from my family so i wondered what could a minion like me possibly do to make an impact? 

I am heartbroken right now. The realisation that at this very instant a kid is lying down in a home, scared probably, wondering how long the silence from the missiles would last while i am here, behind my pc, cosy in my pyjamas and blanket. Its just really upsetting how useless i feel. There has to be so much more to life than sitting all day watching the news feeling sadder and sadder for humanity as the day goes by.

A palestinian friend of mine got into a misunderstanding with someone and he told me "there was nothing i could do because if i should get arrested in Palestine,it would basically be the end of my life,i wouldn't be allowed out of the country and won't go back to school". To subject people to a kind of imprisonment where they feel every single mistake they make could mean the end for them is very sad in a supposed civilised world. I mean, isn't that what the whole upgrade to civilisation is about? absolute freedom? i do not see freedom here. An American child would go to jail today, come out tomorrow and PROBABLY run for some public office tomorrow and have some very intriguing speech regarding to his right to run for office regardless of his previous mistakes. 

And then, they end up being blamed for defending themselves. It's like me getting raped today and then held in contempt for hitting my rapist. How is that just?? what sort of judge would rule upon this case? I saw a woman cry and speak about how she lost 2 sons and a 2 year old grandson to a missile intentionally targeting them….2 years old?? really?? what sort of crime could a two year old possibly commit?? I lose hope for the human race day by day. The fact that there are countries, national powers sitting out there whom have the means to put a stop to this is making me crazy. Imagine if it were you or your people being oppressed. 

My friend could not understand why i am so passionate about Palestine and i told her. I may not be Palestinian or Israeli. I have never been to either countries but i do not have to be to be human and know the difference between right and wrong. As a muslim child, i was not told, i read in the holy book and i quote "he who does not love for his brother what he loves for himself is not one of us". Islam taught me how we are all brothers and sisters. We may not be related by blood or country but we are all related by faith and i would certainly want for Palestinians what i would want for my little brother who means more that the world to me and it is not Oppression.

The question still lingers. what could i possibly do to help the plight of Palestinians? i still do not know and someone will tell me "oh writing about it and telling the world, creating as much awareness as possible about the bloodshed and massacre going on over there is a way" but honestly it is not. We all need to slip on the shoes of the little child who lives in fear and probably traumatised and imagine, what would we want others to do for us if it were us being oppressed. If nobody can stand up and put an end to this GENOCIDE then honestly, humanity has not moved an inch from the stone age. We are just more technologically advanced at being cruel and Racism will forever be an obstacle.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love Gone Wrong

I grew up with the unhealthy notion that if some one loves you, they would never hurt you, they would do everything in their power to make sure you never go through pain...that was my idea. It was all fiction. Life is not a bed of roses. I learned that people can deliberately make u fall inlove with them just to gain joy from ur pain when they leave you. Very cruel world. I learned over the years that love is not just words nd hugs or kisses and roses. Its compromise and understanding, communication and trust, atleast that is what i have come to understand. Falling inlove is easy, falling out of love, now thats the tricky part. I mean, they don't teach you that in school. They teach us to love one another but they forgot to teach us to not love when necessary. yes, with love and compassion, the world is a better place, or so i believe but then, i probably do not know the first thing about love. Still, when you love someone honestly and sincerely, i believe that is when that person becomes ur axis. Every single thing u do from that moment on affects that person. What u say matters and what you don't say matters even more. U begin to want nothing but the absolute best for that person, they are constantly in ur head. U can't fall asleep coz all u do is think about them. Their happiness becomes number one priority for you....or so i think. Yes, love is not madness and neither is it selfish. Taking care of urself and letting that person take care of u is also love. Love is supposed to be mutual. It can't work lopsided. I mean, i love you and you love me and that is it, not i love and u are not sure. I have come to understand that most of all, love is painful....very. There is nothing more painful than "love gone wrong"...yeah, i named it. The pain is immense, u try to breath but u can't, its lyk some weight is pressing down on ur heart, preventing u from functioning. Sucks. After the massive pain and hurt and cluelessness comes the anger. So much anger that u are afraid u will suddenly mutate into this giant green monster and attack people. Anger by far bigger than u and u are afraid it will consume u and take over ur mind and cloud ur judgement. And then it subsides, like the drawback of the waves from the shore. It all goes away faster than it came...u don't even notice it because followed by it is numbness. You lose ur ability to feel. Nothing matters at that point. Joy, sadness, anger, pain...none of it matters at this point. U are like in a pilot more like it and what sucks even more is while all this chaos was going on within u, the source of ur pain is somewhere off, being cool, being chilled, not giving a shit about what you are going through. 
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Baby Terrorist

They label me a terrorist before they even know my name, well call me Baby and let my last name be Terrorist. Baby Terrorist. Now how does that suite me? Does it go with my undersized shoes or little fingers? When you see me in my stroller in the street, u'll probably wave nd simply say "hello, baby terrorist". Why all this you may wonder? Well because i'm Muslim and to make matters worse...Palestinian. Obviously a terrorist. Why baby you may think? Well because i am, i am a few months old, still in diapers and can only feed if fed. Yes, i am a little infant. That is what you may see. Is that what the Israel oppressive government see? Oh no, thats not what they see because they don't even look at me. They know i am here, and i am breathing so its safe to assume i am a terrorist. God forbid let me grow up and become someone, i'll end up becoming a nuisance, push comes to shove i end up a terrorist, with guns and machetes, to smash the heads of every Jew i walk by. My mother has no say neither does my father, they are probably dead right now, under the rubble of a house i used to live in, struck by a missile from God knows where for God knows why. They kill us  for being who we are, born in a land our fathers used to own. We have no place to call our own anymore, the children like me can't go out because our mothers are afraid we may end up getting hit by a missile somewhere. We have noone to stand for us and when we fight back, we are at fault, for defending something that was initially ours to begin with. It hurts believe me it does. I am Palestinian by origin and by birth, call me whatever you want, terrorist today, murderer tomorrow but the difference between me and my oppressors is, my faith. My faith is strong and unwavering and no matter how many missiles they throw at me, my faith will never die. 
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gods' Little Angels

Gods little angels. Born from hate. In a very dark world. Hatred and evil lure the streets of this earth. Gods little angels, born without sin become monsters. Coated with little shining stars, gods little angels were a miracle to behold. In a society where miracles don't  exist, the little angels lose their glow. mama screams and cries papa does dope. Little angels innocent and pure are carried away into the dark world. 
Don't they see?the innocence they corrupt? The purity they stain? With  big dark marks. Gods little angels have no protection and no support. Gods little angels are not angels anymore. They are now kids, kids of the society. 
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No Culture

My culture has died and so have i. We adopt the west and dissolve our traditions. We forget our past and go with the groove. My culture is dead, i'm probably not here. The tears from our mothers and the blood of our fathers, buried in time like they never were. We cut ourselves from what makes our culture, we claim times have changed and so we must evolve. We kill the bears, and the tigers and pandas to wear fine coats, so we look like the Queen. My culture is dead, my traditions have gone, i have no past, i'm probably not here.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Do you know grief? Do you know what it's like to grieve? Have you ever lost someone so dear to you that you swore you would never smile again?

Grief is the cause of intense, deep, and profound sorrow, especially in a specific event or situation. Well that is what the dictionary tells us but to me, grief is more than that. To grieve is to feel like your entire universe is closing up on you. It's like drowning, no matter how much you try to breathe under the water, you just can't and if for some reason they call survival instinct you do breathe under water, you begin to choke and then you feel your lungs getting filled with water, abandoning you and closing up on you. It is said that we all grieve in a different way, true. some people take longer to get over grief while some other wise. They say "let her grieve, it's normal to grieve when you are hurt, the pain will pass" but honestly, the pain doesn't go away. It never does. It just settles in a little corner in your heart just waiting for you to try to go to sleep at night and then it jumps on you and then you feel the pain all over again.

Grieving is one thing, grieving alone is another thing. Few years ago, i lost someone very dear to me, some one i never even knew i loved so much till she was yanked away from me without any notice or goodbye. My aunt was a big part of my childhood and when she left, i felt so alone in a world filled with people i love. The worst part was grieving alone, with no family to console me when i cried at night or when i remembered the last time i saw her and the words she said to me, with no one to tell how much i wanted to see her one last time, no one to tell my constant dreams of her. It was like dying but yet still alive. I could feel my heart abandoning me, reminding me of how i would never see her again. The point is, whoever told you the pain goes away lied. the pain doesn't . I see her picture sitting by my bed side and the pain is there, a constant reminder, not going away, not getting more, just hurting like the first day i knew she was gone. 

The other thing about grief is trying to push past the grief, the aim is to keep telling yourself how much you love that person and how much they would want to to live your life without them. You then fight the pain, you fight the sadness, you fight the depression. You remember that this time, you are not just fighting for you, you are fighting for that person as well. You fight so that when you meet on the last day, they would be proud of the person you became without them. They would look at you and be proud of how strong you were  through their absence. No one said it would be easy, and i will surely not tell you one day, it will stop hurting because it won't but one thing i can tell you is this, put it at the back of your mind that no matter how much you love that person and how much you want that person back, the Supreme being up above in the heavens loves them more than you, he made them after all didn't he? Fight to keep the grief in a little box down in your heart, keep the person there, a special place you keep just for them and you when you feel the need, open that box up, cry it out if you want but never forget to always close it back when you are done because you are still alive, you matter and so you must fight the pain and live a good life. Even if its not for you, for that person you love.

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Its like you wake up one morning and then it hits you like a train. Realization dawns upon you just how empty your life is. The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved they say, you don't know that, your heart yearns for love yet, selfishness and cowardice over shadows your mind. You are lost in a trance, in a world where you tell yourself what to believe and how to act. You close up your heart and dwell in the darkness of your soul. They say love is magical but you don't believe it. You think love is just  peoples way of justifying irrational and complicated feelings towards each other. Love at first sight is the silliest of them all you think.

Today you begin to wonder, if you were to die today, like completely be gone from the face of the earth, would you truly look up at the gates of heave and say "My life was complete"? They say your life is only complete when you share it with someone. You begin to ponder on the reasons why you ended up alone. You realize you took yourself above others. Gave yourself principles too great to even keep up with. Set your bar so high knowing noone would reach it. Sadness burdens you and your heart becomes heavy.

You begin to cry but the tears hurt. You have noone to talk to, no one to console you, noone to hand you a tissue. Your heart tightens and you clutch at your chest for dear life screaming out "i'm sorry" but what are you sorry for? who are you telling? You remember you are alone in a big apartment in a very large world. As the tears flow you realize the universe has no pity on cowards and selfish people. "I should have taken a chance with my heart" you cry but the tears just hurt more. You roll over on your big empty bed, clutching at the depression trying to swallow you up, not even thinking about fighting it.

Suddenly like a queue from above, your heart losens, the tears stop hurting, the pain lessens. You try to stand up, your feet tingle but you try to walk anyways towards the big door of the big apartment. You open the door and walk down the stairs leading to the beach. You stand before the ocean and feel so small in a world so big and then this little kid,so small, like an angel walks up to you and tugs at your hand and asks "why are you sad?" with true concern in his eyes. You wonder how a kid you don't even know could feel concern for you and then you realize this could be you second chance, the universe handing it to you. You bend a little,smile at the kid, and then you whisper "I'm not sad anymore kid,i think i just might have figured out what love is". Confused kid, smiling adult. You kiss the kids head, wave goodbye and walk off smiling, feeling the very soft wet sad cuddle between your toes.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Sorry

I'm sitting here thinking of you
Thinking if you think of me
Wondering if you wake up and i come to your mind
Like you come to my mind the moment i wake up
With every breath i take i wonder if u feel the same

i'm sorry i'm such a stupid baby
i'm sorry u dont feel like i feel
i'm sorry u dont like who i am
i'm sorry u cant put up with me anymore
i'm sorry i mean nothing to you
i'm sorry i'm such a bore
i'm sorry you felt you could do better than me
i'm sorry you realized i meant nothing to you
i'm sorry i'm sitting here thinking of you
i'm sorry i'm not pretty
i'm sorry i'm not what you want in a girl
i'm sorry i'm not little miss perfect
i'm sorry i'm everything you hate
i'm sorry i make you weak
i'm sorry i'm a disappoinment to you.
i'm sorry you look at me and you dont see what you want to see
i'm not sorry about the time i spent with you.
i'm not sorry for the memories of you i have
i'm not sorry i love you

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flawless Me

I want to be....No,i need to be flawless.They don't see me unless i'm flawless. With my thick make up like the bark of a tree. I tuck and i pull,i then nib and i cut at my face,oh yeah,with my blood red lipstick. I have to be flawless. My hair is perfection,i wash and i stretch,i burn and i roll, not flawless enough? so i burn and roll some more.A little bit better. Boobs pushed so high,skirt real tight,i bet they'll see my bum now. Nothing less than flawless. My heels so high,red soles i must wear,i bet they go around checking the soles of my shoes. I crave perfection and unlimited attention so i dress like i dress and walk like i walk. My perfume is like a pull,you can't help but stare when i walk right by. and so as i walk,i twist and i turn,i flip my hair and sparkle my eyes. Flawless enough so i walk away feeling complete. Flawless i am.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Girl In Worn Out Shoes

I have had this on my mind for several days now..finally got around to getting it off my chest....wrote it just now in class...No edits...tell me what you thiink.

The slowest 60seconds of my life went by so slow it felt like I was standing for hours,in awe. At the street,about to cross the road,the light goes red and the countdown begins. 60seconds I reminded myself,and there she was, a little Kurdish girl,with her blue Accordion. She wasn’t playing it,she was just standing there in her worn out shoes,dirty white t-shirt and a dirty pink jeans… staring. I turned to see what she was staring at and there they were,the most beautiful girls ever. They were chatting away unaware of our gaze on them.the little kurdish girl,in her worn out shoes was also unaware of my gaze on her. Then I read,I read her face,she stared at their nails first,their perfectly manicured nails, polished pink, there was envy in her eyes,followed by sadness. Then she looked at their really cute shoes and then at hers. All this while,the girls had no idea of this little girl. She stared at them long and hard while the timer on the traffic light ticked so slow it was almost at a halt. Still on red,I watched the girl. They looked down at her,she smiled the smallest smile I had ever seen and almost as if she was invisible,they looked away and she looked down. Sadness flooded her face and she went red. With a heavy heart I looked up at the timer. 50 seconds,I had 10 more seconds before the light turned green. I looked one last time at the pretty girls, still unaware of the little girl,I looked at the little girl,still unaware of my gaze on her, she gave them one last look,the timer hit 60 and the light turned green. Then she crossed. I waited. The pretty girls crossed,laughing so loud. I waited, then walked behind them. I watched them walk off happily,like they had no care in the world,the little girl reached her little brother on the other side of the road,took his hand and walked away while smiling and talking to him and I walked home,unable to do nothing but think of that little girl days after I had witnessed the most intriguing piece of reality almost like a movie but way better.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012



I am afraid to look in the mirror because the eyes that stare back at me scare me
breathless. The emptiness they hold and the glassy darkness that sparkle like
glitters are not what i know. My reflection follows me like the clouds move with
the sky. I walked home yesterday and i tried to out run my shadow but it seemes
faster than me and it chased me home.
Sometimes i wonder when i die if you'll miss me. Oh yes you'll update your
facebook status and you will post it on twitter but will you truly miss me? for
how long will you keep your facebook status on? your next tweet would probably
not be about me. When i die,i want you to remember me by my conduct. I want you
to hear my name and smile and remember all the good i have done.
When you look at me, i hope you see my smile,i hope you notice my honesty, don't
stare at my color,yes it's black, and yes i'm human but i doubt you'll see that,
you wonder if i'll stab you coz i'm black and so i'm gangsta.Oh ye with mediocre
mind, do not mirror me black.
Walk with me before you judge me, do not judge me from my cover. Do not judge me
from what you've heard. If you don't know me, you have no right to judge me.
When next you stand infront of the mirror, stare at the man behind the mirror.
stare him dead cold in the eyes and tell him "This is not me", walk away and make
a change. Next time you look in the mirror, i hope you like what you see.
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Be Afraid Of My Mind

Be Afraid Of My Mind

When i go to sleep, the heavens write behind my eyelids so i go to bed with a pen
and write down the words of the heavens in my dreams and when i wake up, i caress
the paper by my bedside with the words from my dreams and deliver.

I am the sword that never goes blunt, i am the rainbow that never goes away and i
am the clouds that never go to sleep.

Like David and Goliath my size is not my strength and neither is it my weakness.
I go down to the depths of my mind and i find my soul laying there with so much
knowledge to impact and when i come back i am brand new. I am filled with
knowledge. Be afraid of my mind.

Sometimes there is so much words in my soul i can feel it crying out, i can feel
it trying to explode out of every siingle pore in my body like the sweat that we
secrete just that it's different and this are words of knowledge. I learn all the
words and never let it explode coz when i do explode the words will fly out and
they'll be there in the open for everyone to grab but i doubt the universe will
be able to comprehend.

I walk around with my head down and sit with my head between my knees and listen
to the angels whisper my name and tell me the secrets of the world. I am not
afraid to walk alone coz the secrets of the universe that i know and so i am
truly never alone coz even the stars speak and when i look i listen for their
message and try to decipher like the codes of java.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Did you know that....

50% of girls between the ages of 8 and 14 are dieting. Girls see over 400 advertisements per day,telling them how they should look.
3 Teens self harm per hour in the UK. In 2003-4, 24 087 girls were hospitalized in Australia for self-harm. 3 000 000 Americans self harm.
1 suicide occurs every 40 seconds. 1 in every 3 women have been beaten. 750 000 teenagers fall pregnant per year.
683 000 rapes occur per year that,s more than one per minute. 61% are under 18 years of age. 2% of rapists are convicted.
225 million children are sexually abused each year. The majority of victims are under 8 yrs of age. About 50% of offenders are the parents.
10 million cıgarettes are sold every minute. About 90 000 children start smoking every day.
Every minute, one person dies as a result of homicide.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember This

One day you'll wake up and realize just how alone you are. You will come to find out that nothing lasts forever. Yes, you'll always have your family but guess what? One day they'll be so fed up with all your crap that they'll also leave you. Only then will you begin to realize just how stupid you have being and then you decide to make amends. Amends? Now? A little bit late for that now sugar. We all like to think we can do things how we want and when we want thinking the world revolves around us but you know what the mind blower is? The world does not revolve anywhere near us. We are just little pieces of this world. Probably a meaningless piece. So before you go on screwing up relationships and severing ties and then becoming a societal reject, remember that  not every time we make mistakes we get to fix them. Somethings they do live with us for as long as we are alive. They don't go away, they don't get fixed, they just keep eating at us reminding of us of a momentary stupidity that ruined it all. Remember, cherish moments, value relationships and don't screw things up out of your utter stupidity.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not His World

He kept hoping they would not show, although he went there to meet them up. He knew they'd show up but he would be glad if they ditched him. He heard their laughter, followed by a string of curses. He sighed and went up to meet them. They handed him a cigar and he took a drag. He hated cigars so much. The discussion proceeded and they started with the usual talk of "the bitches"(girls from the night before). He was expected to come up with a story and so he did. He talked about a girl he claimed to had left with whom he had done unspeakable things to. The knot in his chest tightened as he spoke. They cheered him on with screams and hi-fives, if only they had cared enough to notice he wasn't at the club with them the night before. They talked about the weed and the booze and more about "the bitches". He wondered what it would be like to have real friends. The people around him were people he had grown up with on the block yet he felt like they were all monsters. He knew he needed to break free but the only world he knew how to blend in was their world. All around him were several of the monsters, yelling and laughing, cursing and cheering. He felt even more alone than he had being feeling earlier. Could they not see how unhappy he was? Through the smile and the laughter? Could they not see the way he gritted his teeth every time they handed him a cigar? The way he never drank,coming up with one excuse or the other? They called each other "homie" and he wondered if they knew what the word meant. He did not belong to that life, he did not belong with the kids from the block. He knew greatness awaited him and so silently he got up, looked back once at the kids he had grown up with whom he could now barely recognize and gently walked out of the pub.
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