Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Girl Behind The Curtain

The girl behind the curtain,
The one no one can see,
With scars on her face,
And pain in her eyes.
They look but don’t see her,
She cries but they don’t see her tears,
She screams but they can’t hear her,
So she sleeps behind the curtains.
Behind the curtains she’s safe,
She has no one but the voices in her head,
And the memories of the joy,
That she once had.
She has forgotten how to smile,
She doesn’t know laughter,
Her mind is dark,
Her heart so frail.
They pass her by,
And growl at her scars,
She screams so loud,
But all in her head.
The girl behind the curtain,
Is a girl so small,
A girl so sad,
A girl so strong.


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