Friday, December 30, 2011

The Somalian Child

Could I have it? Your last piece of bread, the one you are about to throw away? What of your used teabag? I haven’t had tea in a while. How about your food? The one you left on your plate last night. I wouldn’t mind, although it’s cold. What of an apple? Heard of it in tales, never tasted it. Where I’m from, we can’t grow apples. Would you mind lending me a blanket, for when it gets cold at night? I use mother’s scarf, but then she gets cold too. Could you tell me what it’s like to dream? When I fall asleep, all I see is empty space. What of how to read? Or even write? Could you teach me? I can’t go to school, although I want to learn. Can you see my ribs? and the size of my head? with my bulgy eyes? I wasn’t always like this, I’m sorry if I scare you. Where I’m from, there are more like me. Could you hold me up? I can’t walk on my own, I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, it is all not my fault, I am just a victim. Last of my favours, could you give me a smile? better yet a hug? All around me is sadness, let me feel your joy. I’m sorry if I’m being a bore, where I come from we have no dreams, we have no joy, we have no laughter, we are refugees, yet we believe and we have faith…. Change will come. I’m the Somalian Child.
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Little Sister,

SO here's one...appreciate :D maybe a bit amateur-ish ...forgive me for i wrote this back when i was very young.

My little sister fell in love,
I was shocked,
And later became furious,
I knew what it meant,
It meant she was going away.

I didn’t want her to leave,
I wanted her to stay,
After all she was my sister,
I was selfish.

One night I told her how I felt,
She told me that I also left home
To be with someone I loved,
And she needs to do the same.

We cried all night,
And laughed all night,
It is the memory I cherished,
After she was long gone.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So today i'm going to post some poems i wrote way back when i was in high school. Never showed them to anyone apart from my mum and my aunt who wanted to get them published but then she passed....anyways i was a very insecure and sensitive lets just say i'm confident enough to post them up and read the comments that follow....Later today,please read and leave your comments.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Girl Behind The Curtain

The girl behind the curtain,
The one no one can see,
With scars on her face,
And pain in her eyes.
They look but don’t see her,
She cries but they don’t see her tears,
She screams but they can’t hear her,
So she sleeps behind the curtains.
Behind the curtains she’s safe,
She has no one but the voices in her head,
And the memories of the joy,
That she once had.
She has forgotten how to smile,
She doesn’t know laughter,
Her mind is dark,
Her heart so frail.
They pass her by,
And growl at her scars,
She screams so loud,
But all in her head.
The girl behind the curtain,
Is a girl so small,
A girl so sad,
A girl so strong.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Imperfect Love

 She is not perfect,She complains a lot,She gets angry easily,And she is dead boring. She has bad hair,She's  not tall,She talks too much,And she eats a lot.
 Every time he tells her he loves her,
She wonders what it is he loves,
He deserves someone better, she thought,Someone perfect,One day she asked him, He told her“The more imperfect you are, the more I love you”, And she was contended,That did not change her, She was still imperfect,And yet he still loved her.
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